Hi Everyone,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to thank you. Our kids are back in school now and finally I can sit down and write you this letter. Your cards, emails, gifts, prayers and good wishes have helped to lift all of our spirits. I have found myself crying many times these past four months but because of everyone's kindness and generosity I have also had happy tears. I don't know how I can thank you and everyone else enough.

We are all doing well and are on the mend. Bobby started high school, he'll be 14 on October 18, and he's doing great. I encourage him to talk about the accident any time he feels the need and have also suggested that he write his thoughts and feelings into his journal.

Michael started 5th grade, he just turned 11 this past February, and he's enjoying being back with his friends. His facial paralysis is almost gone and I thank everyone for their faith, prayers and get well thoughts for him. He has lost some hearing in his left ear due to the nerve damage and the two fractures of the ear bone. The nerve damage, we are told, is permanent, but the doctor is making plans for surgery to repair the bone damage, which should help his hearing some. I would like to ask if everyone could still keep him in their prayers as we do not know yet when the surgery will be.

Patricia started kindergarten, she turned 5 this past August, and she's busy making new friends and learning everyone's names. She has only a few permanent facial scars but they will stretch and become less evident as she grows. She gets upset if anyone talks about the accident around her and therefore, we wait until she broaches the subject first. She has healed remarkably well and she loved all of the coloring books and stickers. Again, thank you so much.

Anthony's internal injuries have all healed with the exception of his leg. He is in physical therapy and just this week has started to put a little bit of weight on his leg. The doctor has decided to wait until December to reevaluate the bones and decide if further surgery will be necessary. In the meantime, he is getting plenty of rest and relaxation as he will not be returning to work until the middle of March, at the earliest.

In closing I would just like to express my deepest gratitude to you and to everyone who took our family into their hearts and prayers.

Love, Cindy Lopez