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Don't let worry over late receivables cost you another night's sleep!

Being able to sleep is priceless, but you can't sleep when you're worrying about payment on a job.

We've been through it many times ourselves, payment is late, they aren't returning your calls, the job is finished, what can you do?

Do you have lien rights, when do your lien rights expire, did you have to do a prelim, what if you didn't do the prelim, and so on and so on...

Before you know it it's 4:00 am, still no sleep and still no answers.

Now what if we told you that you could get a good night's sleep...

... or rather 365 good nights of sleep, for a special exclusive discounted price of only $74.25 per year?

Hallelujah, where's my pillow!

We've located a nifty online answer to your lien law questions. Not only that but the information at your fingertips will so empower you with knowledge that you'll wonder how you ever slept without it.

We've actually known about for some time now but lately, as more and more contractors and suppliers are becoming aware of just how easy it is to get "stiffed" on a job...

... they're also finding out just how well LienLawOnline keeps them informed of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Each state's version contains comprehensive
    information on the lien laws for that state,
    keeping you well informed. There's even a
    version for District of Columbia.
  • FORMS needed to help you comply with each
    state's lien requirements are INCLUDED in
    your membership.
  • Invaluable tips and FAQs that inform you of
    THE 3 R's - your Rights, Restrictions and
  • Informative strategy discussions that let you
    take MAXIMUM advantage of the lien laws.
  • Ongoing NOTIFICATION of important changes
    in state lien laws via Lien Law eLerts which are
    conveniently emailed to you.

Subscribing is very simple

Use the code CONTGRP during checkout and you'll get immediate access to the information you need to help you to protect your lien rights.

The articles, forms, information, etc. published at the website and available through your subscription were co-authored by LEADING CONSTRUCTION ATTORNEYS across the United States.

Each state chapter even includes a link to the contributing author(s), should you have any questions.

Check it out quick and use the code CONTGRP during checkout!

Sleep well!

ps: About that special price of $74.25... That price is a special discounted price available only to you our readers! Everyone else pays $99!

Not only that, if you need more than one state you can purchase the 50-states package (plus DC) for only $186.75 (everyone else pays $249).

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