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Hi Diane,

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am scoring consistantly at 97% on test #1 and 91% on test #2.

I will be taking both sample tests again this evening and will hopefully dream about the correct information so I can have good recall for the exam.

I have to say that I found this to be a very helpful program. I will let you know my results when I get back home tomorrow.

Thank you for your help!

Brian Redfern
Just a quick note of thanks! I PASSED!! Thank you for your support!!

Brian Redfern
FAST-PASS Practice Exam - California Law and Business Exam

California Contractor Law and Business Study Guide
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The Law and Business Examination is divided into ten major sections. These sections are:

  1. Company start-up procedures (10%)

    • Regulations
    • Planning
    • Business records

  2. Human resources (6%)

    • Legal status
    • Qualifications
    • Employment recordkeeping

  3. General business requirements (20%)

    • Accounting practices
    • Information management
    • Cash flow

  4. Insurance and bonds (7%)

    • General business insurance
    • Workers’ Compensation insurance
    • Bonds

  5. Pre-contract considerations (12%)

    • Estimating
    • Verification

  6. Proposals and contracts (9%)

    • Writing
    • Content
    • Warranty

  7. Contract compliance (9%)

    • Industry standards
    • Changes
    • Invoicing
    • Contract clauses

  8. Public works (4%)

  9. Safety (9%)

    • Training
    • Regulations
    • Hazardous materials

  10. Legal (14%)

    • Lien law
    • Collections
    • Civil Code
    • Environment
    • Local

* Percentages are approximate *


Available Now
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Law and Business Exam

General Building Contractor
General Eng. Class "A"
Asbestos Certification
C-7 Low Voltage
C-8 Concrete
C-10 Electrical
C-12 Earthwork and Paving
C-15 Flooring and Safety
C-20 HVAC Warm Air, Heating and Ventilation
C-23 Ornamental Metal
C-33 Painting and Decorating
C-36 Plumbing

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More Information

How the exams work:

FAST-PASS Practice Exams work with Windows 98/2000/XP operating systems.

Each question has several multiple-choice options, one of which is correct. If you pick the wrong answer, the program will show you the correct answer, why that answer is correct, and a full explanation of the basic principles being studied.

Instead of trying to memorize the answers, you are using this practice exam as a tutoring tool study guide to give you the facts about the subject. With this method you gain a complete understanding of the subject matter as listed above.

At the same time that you are practicing the practice exams for the state test, you are learning the data and facts about your trade so that you will have a complete understanding of it. If you understand something well, you will answer the test questions correctly no matter how many ways the question is asked.

At the end of the test you will be shown your score as a percentage as well as a list of all the questions you missed so that you can restudy that area and correct your mistakes.

You can simply continue testing until you pass at a 95% passing rate; at that point you are ready to take, and pass, your exam.

How the purchase works:

Instantly upon completion of your purchase you'll land on your payment confirmation page where you'll be able to download your California Contractor Law and Business FAST-PASS Practice Trade Exam. In addition you'll receive an instant confirmation email with a link to download the exam again.

A "zipped" file will download to your computer and "unzip" itself, presenting you with a folder with several items enclosed. Once the file has unzipped your practice exam, simply click on the set-up icon and follow the instructions on your screen.

Our promise to you:

You will pass the Law/Business exam when using our FAST-PASS Practice Exams: We guarantee that you will pass the test. Just use the practice test until you score 95% or better and save your results. Then take your test and you will pass. If you don't, we'll teach you for free until you do (or if you choose we'll refund your money).

You can use it an unlimited number of times: Use this FAST-PASS Practice Exam - Study Guide over and over again, as many times as you need or want, because it comes with unlimited usage.

You'll never pay for it again: Your new FAST-PASS Practice Exam comes with unlimited usage and unlimited free replacement. Even if your computer crashes some day and loses the FAST-PASS Practice Exam, you won't have to pay for it again. Just let us know and we'll send you a new copy at no charge, no matter how many times you might need.

Your privacy is always protected: We keep your personal info private. We will never sell your info or distribute it in any way. We won't even add you to our own newsletter mailing list unless you request it.

Additional Information from the creator of the practice exams:

How to study for the state exam: Ample time is provided on the state exam to answer all examination questions, so be sure to read each practice question and its choices completely and carefully before selecting the BEST possible answer to the question.

Note: If there are any words that you don't understand use your dictionary or even an internet search to get it understood before moving on.

How our Program Works: These practice exams do not contain the exact questions and answers that will appear on the contractor examination but has the subject matter that the board wants you to know in order to pass the state exam.

Once you UNDERSTAND the subject matter, you can then answer any question correctly. The goal of the program is to familiarize you with the different subjects that will be included on the real exam.

Note: Once you achieve a 95% passing rate then print out your results as proof that you have achieved a 95% passing rate for your records.

How to take the State Exam:

Answer all questions in a way that answers "the questions that the real exam is asking".

Don't add more to it or over complicate it. The questions asked are simple, don't over complicate them by adding your opinion, just answer the question.

Once you have completed the real exam, save the printout that the testing center has given you as proof that you passed or failed.


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