Whether you're an individual or part of a family, you own a business or you're a student, you can use the eHealthInsurance website to check out various health insurance plans for free.

If you've ever priced health insurance on your own you know it's a chore. If you haven't, take my advice and don't, it's a nightmare!

Instead, use to compare the various companies, benefits, costs, etc. It's so easy, I couldn't believe how much easier it was than when I did it myself.

It's also quick, you answer just a few simple questions and up pops a side-by-side list of the benefits for each health insurance plan that you're comparing.


Should something come up while you're comparing the plans and you have to leave your computer or the eHealth website, you can save your results so that they're there for you when you go back.

You'll also find tips on selecting a health plan, explanations of health insurance terms and lists of doctors and hospitals on each plan. Should you decide to purchase it's as easy as clicking a button. Plus, if you have any questions along the way, eHealthInsurance's licensed agents are available by phone, online chat and email.

If you're thinking about health insurance, then should be your #1 stop. :)

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