Q. How do I print just one page of a multi-page form?

Sometimes when printing a form that is comprised of more than one page, you may need to print only one or more pages but not all pages. In this case, when you are 'telling' your printer to print the form there is an option that you'll want to watch for.

You'll have the option of printing 'all' pages or 'some' pages. To print 'some' pages, you'll need to check that option and then tell it which page(s) you want to print. For example, say you've got a 3 page form and you only need to print the first page. You'll 'tell' your printer to print page 1 of 3. If you need page 1 and 2 of 3 you'll 'tell' your printer to print page 1 of 3 and then 2 of 3.

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