Q. When I try to download again from Yahoo it asks for my CC#. I
thought the forms were a one-time pay for unlimited usage?

Yes the forms ARE a one-time pay for UNLIMITED usage. You don't have to pay for them again.

When you attempt to redownload forms from Yahoo, the Yahoo system asks for your CC#. Your card will NOT be charged again, it is simply for verification purposes.

The reason for this is apparently some Yahoo merchants were losing money due to purchasers forwarding their emails with download links (usually music downloads) to their friends so that their friends could jump online and download the file also, without having to pay for it.

Yahoo figured that if they require the CC# used for purchase when redownloading that it would cut down on 'illegal' or 'fraudulent' downloads. They figure that although a person will forward the email with the link to download the file, they probably won't be very comfortable giving out their CC#.

Yahoo will keep your credit card number active for only 30 days, as a security precaution to the purchaser. If the 30 days are up and you still need copies, please send us an email and we'll email you new copies of the form(s). :)

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