Q. I downloaded the form but I can't find it. Where is it?

If you can't locate the downloaded form(s) -

When downloading the files/forms, where those files download to on your computer is determined by preferences set within your computer.

If you can't locate the form(s) after downloading it/them please send me an email and I'll email you right back with new copies of the forms. :)

Or if you'd like to try the download again, please follow the instructions below.

If you purchased through our Yahoo store -

When you click on the download link(s) in your confirmation email, the Yahoo security system will ask you for your credit card #. It will NOT charge your credit card again, it only asks to verify the order.

As a security precaution, the Yahoo security system permanently deletes your credit card information after 30 days. If you need a new copy of the form after the 30 days, please send us an email and we'll email you a new copy. :)

If you purchased through our PayPal store -

The link(s) in your confirmation email will be referred to as 'downlinks'. When you click on the 'downlink' you won't need to enter a credit card number to download another copy but the download link expires in 48 hours.

Should you need another copy after the link expires, no problem!

When you click on the 'downlink' you'll land on a webpage with a button to click on to request 'more downloads'. Click on the button and I'll receive an email telling me that you need another copy. I'll click on approve and it'll send you an email telling you that your form is ready for additional downloads.

Once the form(s) is downloaded to your computer, every time you need one you just navigate to where you've saved it on your computer, pop it open, fill it in and print it. :) You don't even have to be online when using the form because it's your form and it resides on your computer.

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