Q. How do I use my .pdf form(s) after I've downloaded it?

First thing we suggest is that you download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application. Please click here to get the latest copy if you don't already have it.

Navigate to where you've saved the form on your computer and open it. If the bookmarks open, just click on the bookmark tab to close the bookmarks and make the form larger.

Once you're looking at the full form, roll your curser over one of the fields and click. The field will 'activate' and you'll be able to type in your information. Once you're done with that field, hit the 'tab' key and your curser will jump to the next field which will 'activate' allowing you to fill it in. Continue until you've filled in all the fields.

Once you've got the form filled in it's time to print it. Print as many copies as you'll need plus an extra one for your files. The bookmarks do not print.

When you're done with the form, close it and it'll sit there quietly until you need it again. You can use it as many times as you ever need to and you don't even have to be online to do it. Because the form resides on your computer, any time you need it you just pop it open, fill it in and print it. :)

If you ever lose the form, once again no worries! Just send us an email telling us which forms you bought and we'll email you new copies at no charge. :)

Forms that have more than one page -

Sometimes when printing a form that is comprised of more than one page, you may need to print only one or more pages but not all pages. In this case, when you are 'telling' your printer to print the form there is an option that you'll want to watch for.

You'll have the option of printing 'all' pages or 'some' pages. To print 'some' pages, you'll need to check that option and then tell it which page(s) you want to print. For example, say you've got a 3 page form and you only need to print the first page. You'll 'tell' your printer to print page 1 of 3. If you need page 1 and 2 of 3 you'll 'tell' your printer to print page 1 of 3 and then 2 of 3.

Remember, don't close the form until you've printed as many copies as you need.

When using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and you close the form you're working with, the form goes back to its not-filled-in format, ready for the next time you need it. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader will NOT save your filled-in info when you close the form.

Our experience has been that most users of our forms aren't bothered about not saving the filled-in document. They print an extra copy of the filled-in document for their files and close the form until the next time they need it.

There are also many who do like to save the form(s) with the filled in info intact. If you'd like to save your forms with the info filled in, Adobe has a program titled Acrobat Approval that will allow you save the form(s) under various file names and with your filled-in info intact.

The Acrobat Approval is $39 and you can download it immediately upon your purchase. The Approval program, in addition to saving the form(s) filled-in, will allow you to attach the filled-in form to an email. Plus, if you use your computer to send faxes then you'll be able to fax the form filled-in as well. :)

The Acrobat Approval works on all documents created with Adobe Acrobat, not just the forms at our site. I was told by someone at the online forums that Adobe is planning on discontinuing the Approval program. As of today, 05/23/03, the Approval program is still available.

You can find the Adobe Acrobat Approval program at www.adobe.com

If you have any questions, comments, doubts, complaints, PLEASE let me know so that I can help. My goal is to get you up and running with your new form(s) in record time! :) You can click here --> send me an email <-- and I'll get right back to you. [why no phone]

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