Q. Yikes!! My computer gives me a message that the file/form has a

Please no worries, the file does NOT have a virus.

Locate the file where you downloaded/saved it to your computer and look at the file name to see if it has the extension .pdf.

Here's an example of a file name with the proper extension .pdf

--> prop-001.pdf <--

See the .pdf at the end? If the .pdf is not there your computer won't know how to open the file and your computer might throw the virus message at you. Again, the file does NOT have a virus in it.

If the .pdf is not there at the end of the file name, it's usually quite simple to fix. Just click on the file name to highlight it and type in .pdf at the end of the file name. Now when you open the file it'll work perfectly.

For Windows: go into windows explorer, highlight the file, click on rename then add the .pdf at the end. The icon should immediately change to the Acrobat icon
and will then be recognized and will open just fine.

If the .pdf IS at the end of the file name but the form still won't work properly, then chances are your computer needs an updated copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application.

Please follow this link to read about .pdf forms and to download a copy of the most recent version of the free Acrobat Reader.

Microsoft Word and other such programs will NOT open or display a .pdf form accurately.

Most important note: Don't spend too much time trying to make the form work properly. You can always send me an email telling me which forms you need and I'll email them right back to you. :)

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