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We have searched high and low to find you the Harry Potter merchandise that your children (and maybe
you?) are looking for!

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Harry Potter
and the
Golden Snitch

Harry Potter
and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Game

The Game


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Puzzle

Harry Potter

Theres our Harry,
whizzing through the atmosphere just about to snatch the snitch! The preferred sport of sorcerers, Quidditch has Harry flying through the air on a broom (the Nimbus 2000) pursuing his prize with a bludger hot on his trail. Since he's the youngest player in the game, Harry could never win it. Or could he? Featuring a secret glow-in-the-dark image for extra magic, this puzzle is a delightful challenge.

The game features all six challenges that Harry Potter faced in his quest to find the Sorceror's Stone. Each challenge is an individual game, with its own rules. The games are designed to be played in order, but can also be played individually. The game boards hook together if you are playing them in order. 6 3/4 games in total!

Quidditch is the
most exciting and celebrated of all wizard sports. Now you can play your own game without ever getting on your broom! Join Harry Potter's gang and be a Chaser, Keeper, Beater, or Seeker as the witches and wizards compete for the title. The game includes a quidditch launcher, plastic quaffle, 6 golden hoops and the rest of the accessories needed for a fiercely competitive match. For 2 to 14 players.

Now your favorite
Harry Potter fan can assemble a scene of knuckle-whitening suspense! In this 250-piece puzzle, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville confront the drooling-est beast ever: Fluffy. Will they get past this terrifying creature, or will they provide a sumptuous snack for all three of its mouths? Put the puzzle together and then put out the lights: thereýs a secret glow-in-the-dark image hidden in the puzzle!

The Mirror of
Erised doesn't show a reflection like your medicine cabinet does; this mirror shows the future. And, now that he has the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry's future is eternal life. But evil Professor Quirrell desperately wants the stone, too, and now that he knows Harry has it, heýll do anything to get it! Capture this magical moment from Harry's saga with this 250-piece puzzle. It even features a secret glow-in-the-dark image.  

In Harry's world,
magic is everywhere. Using illusions and puzzles, he can share a little of his supernatural fun with you. Featuring three two-sided puzzles and two charms, this box is perfect for amateur sorcerers. Read your friends' minds! Use the Magic Spinner to see things mysteriously move! Then put your mind to work on the double sided puzzles. It's a box full of out of this world entertainment!


The Sorcerer's Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter

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