Are You Certified?

Effective July 1, 2000, it is now a violation of the Contractors' License Law to perform home improvement work, either as a prime or subcontractor, without holding the Home Improvement Certification (HIC). Don't run the risk of being fined (up to $2000) and having a blemish on your license record.

Take The Open-Book Exam Now! There Is No Fee!

The open-book exam covers laws and business practices you should know if you are involved in home improvements. The quickest way to take the exam and get results is to take the exam over the Internet. A paper exam is also available. However, the exam answer sheet must be returned to the Board for scoring and processing and this can take 6-8 weeks.

Final Certification

You are not certified until your paperwork is processed and certification is added to your license record! Follow this link to test for and obtain your HIC Contractors State License Board.


Contact the Board at: Licensing@dca.cslb.ca.gov.


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