We're Moving! Yep, the rumors are true... We're moving. But only physically; virtually we're staying right "here"!

We have located a special day school in Washington state for our son (for kids with Autism and other issues) so we're packing up and heading North, to Whidbey Island to be exact.

But we're still going to be right here virtually speaking, which means in a way we're taking you with us! ;)

We plan on business as usual and as a matter-of-fact we expect it'll be even better because we truly believe this is going to help our son which in turn will help us all.

Please enjoy the newsletter below and as always I thank you tremendously for your support! :)

Happy Contracting! Diane

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Ask Dave

Always on the lookout to save you money, "Ask Dave" has put together a special offer exclusively for our readers!

Ever have trouble collecting on a job you've done?

If you haven't then you are indeed a lucky duck!

When you do have troubles with collecting though, consider what "Ask Dave (Barnier)" will do for you:

1. First he'll have an initial conference with you to discuss A) the balance owed to you and B) what documents you might have that Dave could include with his Demand Letter that he sends to your non-paying customer.

2. He'll then write up that Demand Letter and send it off (along with any accompanying paperwork) to that non-paying customer.

3. Then he'll follow-up with a phone call to that non-paying customer.

4. Then he'll report to you regarding your customer's response and he'll consult with you regarding what your options are.

Dave will do all of the above for a flat-fee of only $200!

After that, if you'd like him to spend more time on it (such as to prepare a settlement agreement) then that additional time would be billable, but only if you want him to spend more time on it.

There's actually a very good probability though that your customer will pay once he gets David's letter and/or phone call.

David will ask you for a total deposit of $475 prior to starting the work (the flat fee plus one hour's time extra) but he won't touch that extra $275 until and unless you ask him to spend additional time on it, above and beyond the four steps outlined above.

If you choose to have him do only the four steps included in the special, then he'll return the entire $275 to you!

David J. Barnier, Esq.
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 682-4842

When OSHA says "Hello"!

Will you be ready when OSHA drops by your jobsite? Most small to medium size contractors believe that OSHA will never come visit them because they are so small. Unfortunately that kind of thinking can get a guy in trouble!

See, the thing is, no matter how small your company might be, if you are a contractor working on a site with other contractors then you are just as likely to receive a visit as the large contractors are. Why?

Well, when OSHA visits the site to see another contractor, trust me when I tell you that they're going to find you and say "HELLO".

The next thing OSHA says to you will be a question: –Do you have a written Safety and Health Program?” (In California it's known as an "Illness and Injury Prevention Program").

A blank stare on your part at this point of the conversation becomes expensive and makes your life miserable!

The correct answer is "Yes and I have a copy of the program right here on the jobsite with me. Would you like to review it?".

BUT, how are you going to show the inspector your Safety and Health/Illness and Injury Prevention Program if you don't have one??

This is where JBiSafety.com comes in! (as of 6/28/13 jbisafety.com is no longer a website)

Since 1994 JBi Safety has been providing contractors across the country with Illness & Injury Prevention Programs specifically designed for them.

They also offer implementation assistance, training and consultation services.

JBiSafety.com is dedicated to helping contractors with OSHA compliance and offers their safety programs at discounted rates for contractors.

This is a complete program with everything you need to make your company OSHA compliant. They also offer additional programs and services to keep you there.

Many General Contractors are now requiring sub-contractors to have in place a written Safety Program. Many even want a copy submitted right with the bid.

Will you lose a job to another subcontractor because he can show the GC his written safety program and you can't?


Nevada Release/Waiver Forms Now Available!

The Nevada release/waiver forms package is now available and it contains an .RTF version, that works with most text editors and word processing programs, .PDF that works with the free Acrobat Reader and .DOC that works with the Microsoft Word program.

Just like the rest of our forms, these come with unlimited usage, unlimited free replacement and unlimited free support!

Don't wait any longer... Purchase and download your package of Nevada release/waiver forms today!


New Payroll Forms Available

We've had the A-1-131 and Certification available for a long time and now we have the: CEM-2501, CEM-2502, CEM-2503, CEM-2505 and the WH-347 & WH-348.

All of these forms are available in both PDF and Excel formats, for Windows and Macintosh computers.

They do your calculations for you and they just plain make this task SO much easier to deal with!


TheContractorsGroup.com was created to help construction contractors and other business owners with their day-to-day and on-going administrative needs. Have a great day! :)

Diane Dennis
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