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March 2008 - Contractors needed - Ready-to-buy customers

New Form - California Mechanic's Partial Release of Lien

california mechanic's partial lien release imageThis has been a very often asked for form and it's finally available! :) This form is used if a lien has been recorded and it is later learned that the lien overstates the principal balance owed (either because of a payment made or because of the discovery of a clerical error) at which point the lien should be partially reduced down to the updated principal balance.

The price is $19.95 and it comes in three formats: WORD; PDF for the free Reader version 6 and earlier; and PDF for the free Reader version 7 and later.

Get your Unlimited Usage California Mechanic's Partial Lien Release form now!


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New Article - Sunset Clauses and why they're bad

This article comes to us courtesy of Gary Oltmanns of Southern California Insurance Brokerage, Inc., who by the way was our general liability insurance provider when we were still contractors.

One of my readers (Hi Carolyn! :) was offered a "sunset clause" as an option to extending liability coverage for ten years for the three years that their liability coverage was with a particular provider.

She emailed me about it so I asked Gary and he was kind enough to put together this article with his insight. It's an interesting read and could save you a bunch of money.

Sunset Clauses and why they're bad


WH-347 & WH-348 payroll forms cleaned up

wh-347 imagewh-348 imageThese forms are getting better and better, the text is lined up better, the font sizes are fitting better, all in all it's definitely improving. If you'd like a copy of the latest version and you've already purchased the WH-347/WH-348 forms from me in the past then just hit reply and let me know if you need the EXCEL and/or PDF version, and if PDF, what version of the free Reader you're using.

Purchase the WH-347 & WH-348 payroll forms.


New Article - The three basic requirements to California mechanic's liens

It's a question I hear a lot - Can I file a mechanic's lien? Well, I asked Dave, of our wildly popular "Ask Dave" if he could put together an article outlining the requirements of, and how to do, a mechanic's lien in California.

It's an excellent article and I'd say required reading for anyone who contracts on, and/or supplies materials to, and/or supplies services to construction projects in California.

The Three Basic Requirements to Mechanic's Liens


Lots and LOTS of California Construction Forms!!

us legal forms imageI've partnered with US Legal Forms to bring you over 36,000 downloadable, fill-in-able, unlimited usage, unlimited free replacement forms for all 50 states! There are many, many more forms for California Contractors than I have available through my site and the folks at US Legal Forms have assured me that they will treat you right. :)

California construction forms

Other states|cdgroup


Alert - Advisory about a new law for remodeling homes in California that have swimming pools

At this point it's not a "new" law as it went into effect in 2007 but it's interesting and thought provoking. Basically, if you do a remodel on a home with a swimming pool then, no matter what your remodel involves (ie: cabinets, roofing, etc.) you have to make sure there's an anti-entrapment device in the pool. Check it out!

California Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2006 was created to help construction contractors and
other business owners with their day-to-day and on-going administrative needs.
Have a great day! :)

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