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Apr. 2004
Diane Dennis

Collect On Your Receivables Before They're Even Due! In as quick as two days from the date you issue your invoice you can collect on it! Really! This month's newsletter has an article about receivables factoring, including info on a company that factors receivables for construction contractors! Factoring your receivables could mean the end of any and all cash flow woes! We''re announcing the availability of yet another incredible, fillinable, time-saving form. If you know anyone else who can use the info in this newsletter, please do feel free to send them a copy. We are forever grateful! :)

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Diane Forster-Dennis

NEW!! Fillinable (and *save-able*) Public Works Payroll Report Form...
**** Available ONLY thru TheContractorsGroup ****

Filling in those Payroll Report Forms can be a pain, unless of course you have copies of our forms. With these forms, which use your Excel program, not only will you be able to fill 'em in with your computer before you print 'em but you'll also be able to save filled in copies! This is incredibly helpful and a HUGE time saver when you have an on-going job that needs these forms every week. Once you fill it in for the first week, you save a copy of it filled in and then you use that copy, as your master, for the duration of the project, changing only the payroll info week to week. The employee's info and the job info is already there. Add to this the fact that these forms do your calculations for you, and believe it or not you can actually have a completed payroll form completely filled out, printed and in your hands in less than 5 minutes!

We have the:
A-1-131 (accepted by the California Department of Industrial Relations)
CEM-2502 / CEM-2503 (accepted by the California Department of Transportation)

Read more and get your forms today!

Collect On Your Receivables Before They're Even Due!
**** Exclusive Discount ****

NO more cash flow problems, EVER! Can it be true? Construction tight spots can be tough Ever lose sleep trying to figure out how you were going to make payroll next week or pay that material bill so you can get more material released?

What about that very expensive tool that would greatly increase your productivity and that's available at half-price on a sale that ends this weekend but your receivables aren't due until after the weekend? Have you heard of "receivables factoring"?

Essentially, a business owner sells his invoice(s) to a factoring company for the $ amount of the invoice less a discount fee (usually a percentage of the invoice).

The business owner has funds in two days rather than thirty days, and the factoring company collects the payment from the business owner's customer when the invoice he bought from the business owner comes due.

This is definitely a viable way to keep your business afloat during tight times and/or to grow your business when those opportune, yet often fleeting, moments present themselves.

Read more about how factoring can stomp out your cash flow woes...

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