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Dec. 2004
Diane Dennis

Wow! The year is almost over! Happy Holidays to Everyone! :) In the spirit of the shopping season ;) I've packed this issue with links to various, sometimes unusual, items for your perusal and purchase. ;) Further down are questions and answers from our readers and on the right are shopping links. Thank you so very much for your support and once again, Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the newsletter and have an outstanding day!
Diane and Curtis Dennis

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Last issue I published several different questions from some of our readers. Below are some of the answers we received, thank you thank you to everyone who wrote in. :)

Lawrence Price, President for ProTech Water, Inc. / ProTech Coatings was wondering where he might locate employer’s policy guideline forms for warning or disciplining employees for performance or behavior problems?


Wilma Wright of GLC Concrete Construction Inc. says: "Please understand that this is in no way advice of any kind, legal or otherwise and should not be taken as such. I recently researched this issue and I found that this issue is often times State specific. Your best way to find the true and correct way to do these types of documents is to go to your states Employment Department web site and find out the exact wording to use to keep it legal. Some states are at-will states which means that you hire/fire at will. Constructive criticism can often times be misconstrued and for that reason it is best to investigate through your labor board or the employment departments web site. Also check with OSHA for any safety issues that might go along with your letter, this can save some on your liability if anything should happen."
Best Regards, Wilma Wright

Celesta Marker of Lansford Company, Inc. in Lampasas, TX says: Here's a website (Viking Office Products) where I stumbled onto their forms one day. I even wound up making our Hazard Analysis/OSHA/Safety book with some of the forms. FYI there are numerous downloads available for free, just pick a category. Click on the link and when you get there scroll down to the bottom for the link that reads "Downloadable Business Forms". Thanks, Celesta (*Note from Diane: Viking merged with OfficeDepot on 4/1/2006 so the link above is no longer valid)

Tina V. of R & T Electric in Escondido, CA says: "Great newsletter ..... always find new info and hoping I can share some ..... Try hrpowerhouse.com for employee 'stuff' (forms, checklists etc) ..."

From another of our readers, Carol says: "Try nolo.com. Hope this helps." Carol

Sherry of Lakeview Resort would like to know where can lien waiver checks be purchased? On the back of the check is the lien release language and when you endorse and deposit the check your endorsement also serves as your signature to release your lien rights.


Eric Meyers, CEO Meyers - Bradick Associates says: I would think that if you are purchasing a LARGE amount of checks you could probably get this pre-printed on the back of the checks, but the simple solution would be a stamp and you could get that made up at Office Depot (be sure to have an attorney check out your wording). Eric Meyers

Says Christine of LB Construction: We have gotten them from Generals that are stamped & then they fill in the name of the job. Christine

From Carol: Most are custom made stamps, or as on Richmond American Homes checks  it is preprinted. Hope this helps. Carol

New Questions from Readers...

From Celesta Marker of Lansford Company, Inc.: "Maybe you can help me, I work for a general contractor and do submittals for the Corp of Engineers. Do you or any readers know of a class/training-help/website that can provide information on submittals? The problem is I never know if I word them correctly or if I even provide them what they really need. Usually its too much info....... I guess I wonder if anyone else has that problem." Keep up the interesting site, I really enjoy it. Celesta

From Rob Thomson: "I am looking for a means to track my subcontractor and their suppliers lien releases from preliminary to #4. Please direct me to a program or spread sheet that might fit this requirement." Thank you. Rob Thomson

Another from Celesta Marker of Lansford Company, Inc.: "I have another question that maybe you can help me with - Do you have any members that are real computer gurus? I am getting ready to buy a laptop and oh-my-gosh(!!!) I didn't realize how many choices there are.... I thought maybe there was somewhere on the internet that would have a checklist or something- if you are running accounting applications you need ...... kind of processor or hard drive speed. If you're running construction software (CAD) you typically need ????? I don't know if others have the same ignorance as myself when it comes to these things, but I have spent over a week trying to make a choice and I still haven't come up with a solution that I am very comfortable with." Take care, good luck with this coming newsletter. Celesta

From David Krok - of the Chicago land area: "I've been searching the Internet for a good Heavy equipment operator school and I've found so many schools all around the country, but I really don't know what I should be looking for, different certifications, job placement, and curriculum. So I figure next best thing would be to ask someone who has some knowledge or can point me in the right direction. I've checked out Associated Training Services of Nevada, National Utility Contractors Association, and a few community collages that offer training programs. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer." Thanks! David

And last but not least, questions that still need answers:

Lisa Thomas of Atlas Tracks, Inc. would like to know, how do general contractors format their bid calendars? She's currently using the Outlook calendar function and is wondering if there's anything better out there.

Marissa of Valley Construction Supply in Lancaster would like to know can anyone recommend any books, classes, seminars, etc. that are about preliminary lien law, for material suppliers specifically?

Anita from Premier Insulation LLC is wondering if anyone has had any dealings with the National Compliance Management Service, Inc. in Hutchinson, KS and if yes, were there any problems?

Please if you have an answer or any input on any of the questions above we'd love to hear what you have to say! :) It's easy, just email us at diane@thecontractorsgroup.com or hit "reply" and tell us that way. :) We look forward to receiving your email and we always respond to our emails. :)


Well, that's it for this issue. Please let me know what you think about our newsletter and what you'd like to see here. It's real easy, just click here to send us an email with your thoughts (or hit "reply"). Thank you very much, we truly do appreciate it! Have an outstanding day and week and again, Happy Holidays from us to you! :) Diane Dennis


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