It's time to take your test!

Here in California the test is conducted at one of several 'centralized' facilities. I had to travel approximately 30 miles one-way. I signed in, showed the letter that I had received from the state that indicated my assigned test date, and presented my PICTURE identification. I took my test on a computer (cool), which allows all applicants to work at his/her own pace. The only thing I was allowed to take with me in to the test room was a small calculator, for the math problems on the test. The test was divided into two sections, one section is trade and the other section is law. Provided you have the required four years minimum field experience, the trade section is not too bad. Basically you will be answering questions about your day to day job. The law section, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. The majority of the applicants have not dealt with legal issues such as workers compensation; employees and payroll; OSHA regulations; accounts payable (and receivable); etc., etc., etc. This is why it is important to STUDY STUDY STUDY prior to taking your test! When you are finished answering all the questions on your test you should have time to go back and double check all your answers. When you are completely finished, your test will be graded and you will be told if you have passed or failed before you leave. It's hard not to feel a little taller walking out than when you walked in, if you passed the test!



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