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Hi! Diane here (editor of TheContractorsGroup.com): If you buy tools (and literally anything else), then you have got to check out this site! But don't take just my word for it, read what my general contractor friend Mike Sevigny has to say about it:

"When you get to uBid (by clicking on the uBid image above), go to the top where all the headings are. Click on the Home Improvement heading, to see the tools listed for sale. I have purchased Dewalt cordless drills; a Porter Cable finish nailer; a Sony Camera and a JVC DVD/CD player. Everything I have received I have been happy with. Some of the stuff is called Refurbished which is a returned/display item of a store, like Costco, that sells left over stock. It will say on each item what it is. There is a lot of new stuff too. Everything comes with a full warranty and you can buy extended warranties on just about everything you buy. Shipping is about $5 and $1 per pound. I am happy with everything I have bought so far. If you miss something you like, just wait and it will come up again in a day or so."

I went and looked at it folks, and it is something. I can't wait until I need to buy something (who am I kidding, in my book just the bare whisper of a want is enough to constitute a need!). :) Anyhow, have fun, and if you would like me to post your story here, please send it to me, either by clicking here to send me an email or clicking here to fill out the form below. BUT, before you do anything else, please click this Recommend-It™ button

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