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Watch out for "forged" emails! Lately I've been receiving quite a few emails that indicate they're from various names (ie:;; and oddly enough even

Now, although yes it's true that I've been known to talk to myself ;) I know that I'm not emailing myself! And I know there's no Anna or David or anyone other than Diane and Curtis!

You're probably aware that folks are being inundated with forged emails which appear to be from PayPal, or eBay, or Earthlink, or Bank of America, etc., but are actually designed to trick the recipient into giving up their account numbers and passwords.

Much like those forged emails are not from the purported sender, the ones I've been receiving from are not from me. I'm concerned that you my readers might be receiving some of these emails as well...

A big problem is that many of these forged emails are carrying viruses with them. I'm fortunate in that my computer has never been infected with a virus; the #1 reason is most likely because I have a Macintosh and Macs don't seem to get hit with viruses like PC's do.

The second reason is most likely due to the fact that, as those of you who have sent me attachments can attest to, I never open an attachment without first contacting the alleged sender and verifying that it truly did come from them.

Not because I'm a goody two-shoes who does what she's supposed to (because believe me, that is far from the truth ;) but rather simply because I'm terrified of viruses (mainly because I don't back up my computer as often as I should ;).

The other thing I've noticed is that these emails have very deceiving subject lines. I've even received a few where the subject line says things like "Need help with forms" and "Easy fill in forms" and "Free forms attached", etc.

Please, please do not ever open an attachment that appears to be from me or anyone until and unless you've verified that it is indeed from us... Just email us and ask us if we sent it. :)

You yourself are your own single best defense
against invasions in your email box!

Enjoy the newsletter and have an outstanding day!
Diane and Curtis Dennis

Federal Overtime Regulations Have Been Overhauled!!

The United States Department of Labor (USDOL) has recently overhauled federal overtime regulations, and they've put together a website referred to as the FairPay Website, designed to help employers understand the Department's new FairPay rules that serve to strengthen overtime protections.

The effective date of these new regulations? August 23, 2004!

Read more and make sure you're paying OT correctly...

We're publishing an e-book and we'd like your help...

Okay folks, we're looking for reviews on accounting programs for construction contractors. What do you use and does it meet your needs or have you had to make adjustments to make it work for your industry?

We use QuickBooks ourselves. Update - December 2010, we are still using QuickBooks!

What have you tried and loved? What have you tried and hated? Speak up, Speak out, tell us all about it, good, bad and ugly...

We'd like to put together an e-book based on your input and then make it available to anyone who wants a copy. Maybe you'll find something that works better than what you now use or maybe you like what you use so much that you'll start a "revolution" with your review and make some software company very happy!

We'll be happy to include your name, company name, website, etc., any type of contact info you'd like included or none at all if that's what you prefer, it's your choice, just please send us your review(s) as soon as you can. :)

Tell us about your accounting software...

NEW!! Fillinable (and *save-able*) Public Works Payroll Report Form...
**** Available ONLY thru us, ****

WOW! Our new payroll reports are "flying off the shelves"! Good thing we don't have to worry about inventory... Use our downloadable forms and you'll NEVER run out! :)

These forms are available in Excel format with .pdf and .cwk versions in the works. These Excel forms will do all of your calculating for you which reduces your time keying in info as well as it reduces the chance for errors!

Save a copy of the filled-in form and then you can use it week-to-week on those jobs that you have to issue payroll reports for. This is a HUGE time saver because you won't have to enter the same info week to week, it'll be there each time you open the form! Yet, if you need to change something (anything) you'll be able to do that as well!

If you haven't picked up your copy yet, do it now and start saving time, energy and keystrokes! :)

We have the:

  • A-1-131 Public Works Payroll Reporting Form
    (accepted by the California Department of Industrial Relations)
  • CEM-2502 Statement of Compliance
    (accepted by the California Department of Transportation)
  • CEM-2503 Contractor/Subcontractor Payroll
    (accepted by the California Department of Transportation)

We also have the CEM-2501 Fringe Benefit Statement (in Microsoft Word) finished but we haven't yet completed the ReadMe file and bonus documents. We'll announce it here once it's ready. :)

Just like the rest of our forms, these come with Instant Download, Unlimited Usage, Unlimited Lifetime Free Replacements and Unlimited Free Lifetime Support (we don't charge for our support but depending on where you are the call - we're in the 760 area code - may be a toll-call for you).

Read more and get your forms today!

Have you purchased the preliminary notice and/or release forms?

We're working on increasing the value of our forms packages by including, at no extra charge, informational products related to the particular purchased form(s).

Past purchasers of the California 20-Day Preliminary Notice and/or the California Lien Waiver/Release forms, if you'd like a copy of the bonus information now included please send us an email and we'll email you the documents. (If you bought the preliminary notice within the past couple weeks then you probably already have a copy of the documents that go with that form. If you're not sure though please feel free to request a copy and we'll be happy to send it over. :)

Don't worry our subscribers outside of California, we're working on packages for you folks also! :)


Great News! Our advertisers have re-upped with us for another year. Thank you to all of you for making them happy! :) These guys advertise with us not only to find new customers but also because they support you our readers. Without our advertisers our website would not be where it is today and without you, our readers, we wouldn't have our advertisers!

Please take a few moments to visit their websites and see what they can do for you. We can vouch for their services because we've used both of them! Don't forget to tell them that you heard about them from! :)

Southern California Insurance Brkrg.
For insurance and bonds, call SCIB or visit their website and request quotes and insurance certificates online!
(800) 900-9372

Levy von • Beck & Associates P.S.
Levy • von Beck & Associates P.S. provides Credit & Collection services to clients throughout the United States. (206) 626-5444

Various Discussion Forums For Contractors

There are many more online resources for contractors these days than there were when I started our site in January 2000. Online discussion forums have become an universally invaluable tool for contractors.

Never before has it been so easy for a "newbie" to get help from a "seasoned" contractor. While not every contractor is willing to help the newer guy, there are a lot of guys that take great delight in helping and answering questions for their fellow contractors.

In addition, contractors are finding that putting a discussion forum or an "Ask the Expert" section at their site is helping to gain recognition for their company and grow their businesses.

If you'd like to help others with your expertise or if you have a question (or more than one) you need answered or you'd like to look into adding a discussion list/forum to your website then this list of forums may be right up your alley. :)

Forums and discussion lists specifically for contractors

Can a nationwide cement shortage affect your business?

A cement shortage! Cement!! Seems like a cement shortage could hold up just about every single trade. Can't build the building without a foundation right... ?

Can the cement shortage affect you?

For the Moms and Wives of Motocross

A very good friend of mine, Elysia Rowell-Ritchey, has a son and daughter who race in Motocross. She's a great person and mom, and is very involved in the sport with her kids and is their #1 fan. She picked up the premier issue of the magazine Amateur MX at the L.A. County Raceway and really enjoyed the magazine, reading it literally cover to cover.

Elysia has always been a make things happen kind of person (we've been friends for over 20 years!) and her latest endeavor is a regular column in Amateur MX titled Moto Mom which will be dedicated to, and spotlight, the contributions, love, encouragement and support that Moms and Wives of Motocross give every day of their lives.

If you're a Mom or Wife of a Motocross enthusiast then you have got to check out Elysia's new column. Visit the Amateur MX magazine's website and subscribe to the magazine, it's only $9.99 (that's 80% less than the newsstand price)! Your Motocross enthusiast will enjoy it also!

Amateur MX website


Well, that's it for this issue. Please let me know what you think about this new format. It's real easy, just click here to send us an email with your thoughts. Thank you very much, we truly do appreciate it! Have an outstanding day and week! Diane & Curtis Dennis


Diane Dennis
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